Kit to block chairs

The solution that will allow you to repair your chair for life

We are glad to present the new tie rod for chairs, it fixes chairs without glue or nails.

  • the tie rod can lenghten from 37 cm to 48 cm. This makes this object universal, it can be utilized for any type of chair and it’s so easy to use that anybody will be able to fix his chairs.
  • Make four holes under the dowel rod using a drill of 8 mm. Insert the tie rods (decide the lenght of the rods before) then fasten the screws on the opposite direction.
  • With the specific wrench tighten the four screws and the rod will assembly all the unglue parts.
  • The tie rod will be positioned under the dwell rod so the chair appearence won’t change and the conic screws will be inserted in the chair without sticking out.
  • you can fix chairs with rectangular, square and round legs.

1 / 4 holes with 8 mm drill bit

2 / thread the tie rod on the one hand

3 / Screw the bush on the other side

4 / tighten both sides

What are the advantages?


Yes, it’s important that the chair has dwell rods.
Just a drill and a wench end of 8mm
No, it can happen that after many years the tie rod will loosen but in this case you just need to screw another turn.
Absolutely not, it takes only two minutes.
Yes, the tie rod can be used again and again in every type of chair.
The tie rod can be universal thanks to his socket wrench, which permits to extend the tie rod from 37 cm to 41 cm.
You don’t need neither of them.

Your wooden chairs refurbished in 5 minutes

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